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...molecular self organisation and evolution

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Welcome to selfOrg

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The Complex chemical networks, Self organisation in Chemical Systems,

Auto-catalysis,  Molecular Evolution and

Geochemistry/Prebiotic Chemistry site.

News: Please note our ALife XII-2010 workshop initiative to promote the experimental work in the field (s. ALifeXII-selfOrg-workshop menu).

This site is dedicated to scientists who mainly work experimentally in the fields of  Complex Chemical Networks, Self-organisation in Chemical Systems, Auto-catalysis, Molecular Evolution and Geochemistry/Prebiotic Chemistry. It is intended to present the state of the art in these fields, describes methods and strategies generally used, informs about latest events like interesting publications, meetings and conferences and helps to build up a vivid and growing community that cooperates to solve some of our most fundamental questions.

Besides some introductory information to the fields we want to provide a discussion forum, a  page with links and a mailing-list with interesting information in a two-weekly interval about the latest events and findings.

I hope this initiative generates a wider interest in these phenomena and brings scientist with very different expertise together.

It "lives" from Your ideas, suggestions, contributions, so please, whenever You see an interesting article or hear of an interesting meeting, contact us at selforg [a.t..] ismeralda [d.o.t.] org or use the forum to spread to news. Thank You for Your help! We also want to promote Your practical work, so send us a link and contact information to position in our "Links" section !

Be inspired !

mark doerr



This site just recently started (January, 12th 2010), so please be patient with the content: it will grow !  And it will grow faster with Your contributions. Make a visit from time to time and see the EVOLUTION - or help with Your own ideas to improve.


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