Self Org

...molecular self organisation and evolution

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Mark Doerr (SDU Odense, Denmark), Andrew Pratt (Christchurch, New Zealand), Pasquale Stano (UniRoma3, Italy)



A large number of articles are published, modeling or speculating about self-organisation phenomena, about evolution, even on a molecular level and the origin of life; but very little experimental work has been done to explore possible reactions and even less to explain their mechanisms. Most of this experimental work was influenced by ideas and paradigms of Stanley Miller and Leslie Orgel. Today a new generation of chemists tries to reformulate the questions and tackle much more complex problems.  Chemists can now apply modern technologies, like high throughput screening, high resolution NMR, advanced mass spectroscopy, microfluidics, etc., that where not available at the time when the term “prebiotic chemistry” was born. In parallel with the increased understanding of cellular systems and evolution available from genomics, geochemistry and related fields, a deeper insight in molecular mechanisms and properties of matter can be developed.


  • Possible regeneration reactions of building blocks for complex chemical systems - catalysis and auto-catalysis

  • The role of genetic materials in prebiotic chemistry and possible candidates for such early genetic materials

  • Surface versus container - types of surfaces and membranes and their chemistry

  • Combinatorial approach to investigate new substance classes

  • Principles of self-organisation

  • Molecular evolution

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The workshop shall impart a state of the art knowledge about experimental approaches in molecular self-organisation, molecular evolution and prebiotic chemistry. It will be dedicated especially to the transfer of theoretical concepts and ideas to experimentally working young scientists. Sufficient room shall be given to formulate  new views, ideas and visions. Much space shall be provided to openly discuss the next generation of questions to be addressed and outline possible investigation strategies.


Scheduled Date

Sat., 21th of August, 17:00h - 19:00h (date and location need to be confirmed)


Number of Participants

2-3 speakers

Number of  attendees is open



Open for everyone and free of charge !