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...molecular self organisation and evolution

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The beauty of Dissipative Structures

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What are "Dissipative Structures" ?

The term "Dissipative Structures" goes back to Ilya Prigogine. ...

Where do we find "Dissipative Structures" in our environment ?

Dissipative structures are omnipresent from the highest altitudes in the sky down to the organisation of magma flows in the inner earth mantle.

Clouds and snow flakes,

ripples of sand in the desserts or at the beach,

branches and roots of plants,

patterns on leopards, giraffes and coral fishes,

the formation of limbs in our body and the control of our heart-beat - if there is a flux of matter dissipative structures are very probable present.


Demonstration experiments for pattern forming reactions

Belousov-Zhabotinsky reactions


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